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Sevilla Travel Guide

Sevilla Travel Guide - Travel to Sevilla

Torre del Oro Sevilla is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia, in the plain of the Guadalquivir River. It is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain. It holds the titles of Very Noble, Loyal, very heroic, The Invicta and The Mariana Ciudad de Sevilla.

Its historic center has an amazing historical and monumental heritage with many cultural sites that made of the city, one of the favorite destinations worldwide. The architecture has recorded all the civilizations that have passed through the city since the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, etc. The monuments, both religious and civil buildings share different styles such as Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and so on.

What to See

Real Alcázar Inside the historical and artistic heritage of the city, the most representative monuments are: The Giralda, The Cathedral, The Alcazar, El Archivo de Indias and The Golden Tower. Some of these monuments were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987.


There are many museums in Sevilla and each one specializes in a particular subject. The most important museums are: The Fine Arts Museum (Bellas Artes), the museum of carriages, the naval museum, Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art, Pilate's House, Palace of the Lebrija Countess, Museum of Carriages and many others.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Sevilla is the most visited museum in Andalusia and the second most important gallery in Spain.


Sevilla also has great festivals such as The Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Feria de Abril. In The Holy week, the city offers striking processions and vibrant and animated fairs the next two weeks. The April fair also called "Feria de Abril" is a festival where families and organizations dance, drink and socialize, women usually dress a typical flamenco costume and men dress a suit. The city also hosts the Biannual of Flamenco where the most representative singers and dancers make a performance.


Besides all its tourist centers, they have an impressive cuisine based on the products of the surrounding provinces such as seafood from Cádiz and Huelva, olive oil from Jaén, and sherry from Jerez de la Frontera. The main dishes are grilled seafood, grilled and stewed meat, the tapas and Polvorones (typical desert).


The nightlife in Sevilla is also one of its tourist activities, there are plenty of nightclubs and disco-pubs, most of those are located in central part of the city, La Alfalfa and La Alameda are neighborhoods where you can find pubs and discotheques that range from traditional flamenco to heavy metal, or many pubs.

Sevilla Employment

Getting a job in Seville might be easier than you expect, especially if you focus on the three big sectors of employment: teaching English, tourism and hospitality, Some companies requires a good level of typing speed. By practicing on a spanish typing test tool you will gain new abilities that impress hiring managers and help you excel in the workplace every day.

Top Attractions



Visitors get surprised by the huge interior of the cathedral because gold is everywhere, and yet, there is a certainly sense of simplicity.
Holy Week

Holy Week

Holy week in Sevilla represents a touristic phenomenon of great socio-cultural importance throughout the world.
Shopping District

Shopping District

Perfect combination of typical artisan markets and modern boutiques. Visitors can find clothing, flea markets, souvenirs and much more.



Tapas are an important part of life for Sevillians. You'll find tapas bars in almost every corner in the city.
Gazpacho Recipe

Gazpacho Recipe

Gazpacho is a very traditional soup from Sevilla that includes different types of vegetables and spices. This soup is cold..
Basilica de la Macarena

Basilica de la Macarena

In the basilica, you can find the most admirable phenomenon of all Andalusia - the much loved statue of the Virgin of the Hope, better known as La Macarena.

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