Sevilla travel guide


Sevilla Travel Guide

Art and Spectacle in Sevilla

Sevilla boasts many centers and art galleries with beautiful collections including artworks from famous local and international artists. Sevilla is considered as the artistic capital of Southern Spain with cultural centers including the theatres and museums related to the history of the city.

Youíll find a wide range of options for spectacles in Sevilla; spectacles related to dance in which Sevilla, as the birthplace of Flamenco, boasts festivals with fantastic performances of dancers, guitarists, singers and clappers, many of them awarded with the most prestigious recognitions in the world of flamenco. Bullfighting in Sevilla is another unique spectacle worldwide that is worth watching and itís probably the most famous tradition in Sevilla.

Flamenco in sevilla
Flamenco in Sevilla
Bullfighting in Sevilla
Bullfighting in Sevilla

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