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Metropol Parasol

This structure, also known as the Incarnation Toadstools, is made out of wood and it is located in the Incarnation Plaza (Plaza de la Encarnacin), it is fairly large, being 150 meters long and almost 26 meters high. It was designed by Jurger Mayer and it won the open contest for the Ayuntamiento de Sevilla.

The structure had a total cost of 50 million Euros and it took about six years to complete it due to different inconveniences. It was officially inaugurated in March 2011. The Metropol Parasol has been a topic of debate for a long time due to its high cost, its aspect and its location.

A market is found within the building together with an Antiquarium Museum and a vantage point.

Metropol Sevilla
Metropol Sevilla
Incarnation plaza
Incarnation plaza

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