Sevilla travel guide


Sevilla Travel Guide

Bridges of Sevilla

Sevilla is situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir. Being 657 kilometers long, it is the fifth longest river in the Iberian Peninsula and itís the only great navigable river in Spain. Guadalquivir River is an important attraction in Sevilla city and itís crossed by many bridges. Through time, all those bridges were built in different styles; thatís why visitors admire remains of different cultures and from different eras in each bridge.

The longest and most important bridges are: V Centenario Bridge and Alamillo Bridge, other bridges of Sevilla are:

  • Delicias, a lifting bridge that replaced the Alfonso XIII bridge
  • Remedios, its construction finished in 1968.
  • Isabel II was known as Triana Bridge.
  • Pasarela de la Cartuja is the second metallic bridge of Spain and the most slender one worldwide.
  • San Telmo, the bridge was built in 1931 and was a lifting bridge until the 70ís.

Most Important Bridges in Sevilla

Bridge of the V Centenary

Bridge of the V Centenary

The Bridge of the V centenary is a must in Sevilla, a visit to this bridge will provide you stunning views and memories.
Bridge of the Barqueta

Bridge of the Barqueta

It is a suspension bridge that spans 168 meters over the Guadalquivir River
Bridge of the Alamillo

Bridge of the Alamillo

The Bridge(1989-1992) was designed by the Architect Santiago Calatrava; the Bridge crosses the Guadalquivir River.
Bridge of the Christ of Expiration

Bridge of the Christ of Expiration

It is situated in the North-west zone, itís a beautiful bridge designed by the engineer Jose Luis Manzanares Japůn.

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