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Sevilla April Fair - La Feria de Abril

Two weeks after the colossal celebration of the Holy Week in Sevilla, (Semana Santa en Sevilla) a large popular party takes place. A group of Marquee Tents are formed around the neighborhood Los Remedios to form the great and largely known as "Sevilla April Fair" (La feria de Abril de Sevilla).

April Fair This tradition started back in August 25 of 1846, when the authorization to make the fair in the city was requested and granted to be organized each 19, 20 and 21 of April, each year since 1847. Its success ever since has made it change places more than three times over its history and more days had to be added at people´s request.

Nowadays the fair lasts almost a week starting officially on Monday with the Dining of Fish (or “La cena del pesca’ito”), and the parade in which the major lightens the way to the fair announcing its start at midnight.

On Tuesday, all friends and colleagues are reunited to organize breakfast and the illumination is kept until three am the next day. On Wednesday, the most important day of the fair, the lights are kept for an hour longer, and one more hour on Thursday, the fair starts to get even more crowded until, on Friday, it reaches around a million attendants, including many famous people and the royalty.

April Fair costumes Following the tendency on Saturday, the second most crowded day of the fair; the lights are kept until six in the morning. And on Sunday, the last day of the fair, they bring the finest bulls of its kind to finally end the fair with a set of fireworks at midnight.

La feria de Abril is one of the most popular parties in the city and one of the most famous in Spain.

Provisional Dates of the April Fair
2011 3-8 May
2012 24-29 Apr
2013 16-21 Apr
2014 29 Apr-4 May
2015 21-26 Apr
2016 12-17 Apr
2017 2-7 May
2018 17-22 Apr
2019 7-12 May
2020 28 Apr - 3 May

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