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Cavalcade of the three kings in Sevilla

Every January 5th in the afternoon, children of the city receive their promised presents by the three kings in what is known as the cavalcade of the three kings ("La Cabalgata de Reyes" in spanish). Its a parade in which distinctive traditional coaches ride throughout the streets of the city in representation of the three wise men; Melchior, Baltasar and Gaspar, handing out and throwing presents to the kids.

Navidad Reyes Magos The Magi herald in charge of the organization changes throughout the years. In 2011, this character was played by Julian Garcia De la Borbolla, who, along a group of other renowned characters of the city, was in charge of travelling the city to request the major of the city permission make the parade .

Every year each character of the parade is played by a different person, among the characters played in the parade are:
  • King Melchior
  • King Gaspar
  • King Baltasar
  • The Star of Bethlehem
  • The Grand Vizier
  • The fantasy Magi
  • The goddess Athena
Along their way to the major on January 4th, they pick up the letters written by the children requesting their gifts to the Magi, the tradition dictates that on the 4th, children must go to bed early, clean up their shoes and the following day theyll receive their presents if theyve been good the previous year, otherwise they will receive coal. Although its very rare that they indeed receive that as present, they might get a coal-colored-candy.

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