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Corpus Christi in Sevilla

Corpus Christi in Sevilla is a festivity filled with devotion. Sevilla is one of the few cities in Spain that celebrates it on the original date, 60 days after Easter Sunday, on a Thursday as it was initially planned. On this day, all the brotherhoods of the city in charge of this festivity gather in their rightful spot, assigned to them according to the eldest in time.

Since the origin of Corpus Christi in 1246 and its establishment around all the colonies, the oldest record of this party celebrated in Sevilla is 1426 and 1532 when the official path of procession was established and it’s the same one that’s been kept ever since.

Corpus Christi procession
Corpus Christi procession
Corpus Christi Brotherhoods
Corpus Christi Brotherhoods

The procession is lead by six children in pairs carrying small hatchets and all the representations of the Brotherhood of Glory followed by nine images of important characters from the city; each followed by a brotherhood.

The procession order is as follows

  • Saint Angela de la Cruz – founder of the Brotherhood of the Cross
  • Justa and Rufina – Saints of Sevilla
  • Bishop Esidore of Sevilla
  • Bishop Leander of Sevilla
  • King Ferdinand III of Castille – followed by the three armies, the chief of Police and the embodiment of the political order of Sevilla
  • Immaculate conception
  • Child Jesus
  • The Holy Thorn – or small monstrance made of an old holy thorn and a silver rose.
  • The Eucharist – or the big monstrance.
The ceremony ends with members of the local police dressed in their best formal attire, closing the procession with a mixture of both the Army of Earth and Air and the Music Band of the region.

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