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Sevilla Travel Guide

Holy Week in Sevilla (Semana Santa)

Holy week in Sevilla represents a touristic phenomenon of great socio-cultural importance throughout the world and it’s one of the most important celebrations in the city along the Sevilla Fair on April.

Semana Santa Holy Week starts on Palm Sunday and ends on Sunday Easter, all over the week there are around 60 brotherhoods in charge of the depiction of The Passion And Death Of Christ, but the holy week in this city is felt and lived throughout the year and the brotherhoods make sure to get involved in numerous acts of charity in the province and city trying to live up to the three principals that define it; preparation, cult and charity.

There’s even a General Counsel of Brotherhoods in charge of all the organization involved in the processions of the Holy week in Sevilla and everything that revolves around the transformation of this city during these days, which has been factual proof of the evolution through centuries of history of this celebration, made only possible by the people of different classes, interests, and cultural areas of the city involved in the brotherhoods.

Holy week in Sevilla The procession starts with a large “Guiding Cross” that opens the way, closely followed by the “Nazarenos” ( a group of people, dressed on pointed hats in different colors depending on the brotherhood, that follows in pairs holding a candle that’s only lit at night) and the acolytes that precede “The Paso”, which is made by the people that hold the images and large sculptures representing the Passion of Christ and/or Virgin Mary, that may or may not be accompanied by Saint John or Saint Magdalene depending on the Brotherhood.

Before the Official Path every brotherhood had to make the procession around their home church, but after 1604 when it was stated that every brotherhood had to visit the Cathedral, the Official Path was created dictating the order and itinerary that each brotherhood had to follow in order to reach it. It’s so that the longest procession lasts around two hours or an hour and a half. Since Sevilla has such a vast number of brotherhoods the most recent ones could not be included in the schedule of the official path and had to make their processions around their main churches alone.

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