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Saint Ferdinand (D?a de San Fernando)

San Fernando This festivity is celebrated on May 30th, it's a religious, civil and military celebration arranged inside the cathedral, during this time, his urn is kept open with his uncorrupted body.

Saint Ferdinand III was king of Castile from 1217 to 1230 and king of Castile and Leon from 1230 to 1252. He was born around 1199 in the monastery of Valparaiso, in Peleas de Arriba, what is now known as the province of Zamora, Ferdinand III was the son of Alfonse IX of Leon and Beranguela of Castile.

He profoundly marked the history of Spain, politically speaking he was the one to ultimately join the two kingdoms of Castile and Leon, and on the military he made the re-conquest progress in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and his actions against the moors made his canonization possible in 1671.

Saint Ferdinand He is the Patron Saint of Sevilla and conquered it in November 23rd, 1248. After two years of struggle, he established the royal court in the Royal Alcázares until his death on May 30th or 31st, 1252 in Sevilla, when he was 51 years old. His uncorrupted body is located at the feet of Our Lady of the Kings in the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral in a golden urn made of silver by Jual Laureano Da Pina from 1690 to 1719.

Theres a monument of the king in the New Square or Plaza Nueva surrounded by Alfonso X, the Bishop Don Remondo, the Sea Captain Ramn Bonifaz and Garci Perez de Vargas.

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