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La Vel? de Santa Ana in Sevilla

This wake in Sevilla was originated in the ceremony that had place in the church of Saint Anne since the end of XIII century in honor to the Patron Saint of the neighborhood. Its a traditional festivity closely related to the district and takes place every end of July.

La Vela de Santa Ana Known In Sevilla as La velá de Santa Ana or La Velá de Triana, its started with its announcement in the old Triana Hotel that, despite of the heat of the season, is packed with tourists and locals that come from different parts of the city to be part of the festivity and enjoy the ornamented streets and the joyful atmosphere.

The welcoming wake to visitors is made on the bridge Isabel II through its portal until it reaches the highly decorated square of Altozano and enters through Betis street to enjoy the wine and the food of its marquee stands.

Santa Ana These days the municipality hands out an acknowledgement, known as the Trianero del ao, to the most prominent personalities of this neighborhood, those that have accomplished something or succeeded during that year.

During the days of the wake lots of competitions and diverse activities are organized in the area, such as expositions of paintings, ceramics, theater and gymnastics; movies are projected in Santa Ana Square, and at nights, diverse theatrical presentations are showed in Altozano square.

As most festivities in this city: the celebration ends with fireworks after the wake.

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