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Sevilla Travel Guide

Basilica del Gran Poder

This catholic temple, located in the beautiful city of Sevilla, was built in 1965, under the supervision of two talented architects: Antonio Delgado Roig and Alberto Balbontín de Orta.

The main inspiration that brought the idea of the Basilica del Gran Poder comes from the design of the Roman Pantheon of Agrippa. The image of Our Father Jesus with the Great Power (Jesus the almighty) is venerated within this temple.

The image found in the Basilica was carved in wood by artist Juan de Mesa in 1620 and this image is taken through the streets of Sevilla on Holy Friday (Eastern).

Basílica del Gran Poder
Basílica del Gran Poder
Basílica del Gran Poder
Jesus almighty at Basílica del Gran Poder

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