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Basilica de la Macarena

The Basilica de la Macarena is officially known as La Basilica de Santa Maria de la Esperanza Macarena, it belongs to the Catholic faith and it is located in Sevilla. It was declared a Basilica in 1966 by Pope Jean Paul VI.

In the basilica, you can find the most admirable phenomenon of all Andalusia - the much loved statue of the Virgin of the Hope, better known as La Macarena(although the name is a derivation of the Roman goddess Macaria). The statue comes from the 17th century and stands above the principal altar, decorated with gold and silver. However, the basilica itself is a modern church that was built in between the years 1936 and 1941 by an architect Gmez Millán in neo-Baroque style. The church is decorated with interesting, modern wall paintings and its chapel with a sculpture of Christ.

Macarena is a saint patroness of all toreadors as well as the highest possible demonstration of sorrow and perfection of a mother who has lost her son.

A part of the basilica is a museum that exhibits saint equipage of the Virgin of the Hope as well as picture of saints that are carried by procession during the Holy Week.

Close to the modern basilica, remains of defensive Moorish walls, which protected the city in the time, stands.

Basilica de la Macarena
Basilica de la Macarena
La Macarena
La Macarena

Address: calle Bcquer, 1
Phone: (+34) 954 901 800
Opening hours: Monday Sunday: 9 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm

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