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Church of the Omnium Sanctorum

The splendorous Sevilla city has many beautiful churches which show their architectural and historical richness. The “Church of the Omnium Sanctorum”, located at Peris Mencheta Street, is not an exception. The construction of the building dates from the second half of the 13th century and it is one of the oldest churches in Sevilla, one that conserves the medieval style from the period.

The church was reconstructed after the earthquake of 1356. A gothic presbytery was built by that time, formed by two rectangular and one pentagonal stretches which form an “ábside” in the exterior. The church has an entrance with a pointed arch that belongs to the period. There is a stone entrance on the right hand. The beautiful tower of the church was constructed in inspiration of the “Giralda Tower” (in the Cathedral).

Church of the Omnium Sanctorum - Sevilla
Church of the Omnium Sanctorum
Iglesia Omnium Sanctorum in Seville
Iglesia Omnium Sanctorum in Seville

Among the chapels within this splendid church, there is one that houses the attractive statue of "La Virgen de Todos los Santos" carved in the 16th century. There are also charming copies of religious paintings made by Andres de Ocampo and Murillo Voltera that people can appreciate. Another important place is Gonzalo Gómez de Cervantes’s chapel of the 15th century, covered by an octagonal vault. In fact, the church has many reasons to be considered as a monument and people who visit this place can confirm this.

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