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Church of San Luis

The magnificent Church of San Luis is located at San Luis Street, in the Macarena district. It was built between 1699 and 1730. Leonardo de Figueroa was the architect who designed this splendorous building dedicated to St. Louis (King Louis XIV of France). The beautiful and impressive façade, with its elaborate decoration, shows the Baroque style with Churrigueresque features. Inside the building, there are also many attractions which captive visitors, such as the lovely “retablos” (altarpieces) and beautiful paintings.

The well-decorated and marvelous facade can be considered as an altarpiece. Stones and bricks were used on its construction. It has two octagonal towers and five windows from which the central is framed by columns. In the center of the church, above the portal, there are three beautiful angels that crown the Spain coat. The façade that perfectly shows the Baroque style gives visitors a great welcome.

Church of San Luis in Seville
Church of San Luis in Seville
St. Louis' altarpiece in Sevilla
St. Louis' altarpiece in Sevilla

Once inside the church (not very big), visitors appreciate different attractions that include St. Louis’ altarpiece, above the high altar. The paintings on the cupola and walls (made by Lucas Valdes) also attract people. The lovely altarpieces made in their majority by Duque Cornejo include the one of St. Louis and others that are situated at lateral sides. These altarpieces are dedicated to different Jesuit saints such as San Ignacio de Loyola, San Francisco de Borja, San Luis Gonzaga among others. Being inside the church, visitors can also see the San Luis dome reflected on an old mirror that definitely gives a nice view.

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