Sevilla travel guide


Sevilla Travel Guide


The Giralda tower (La Giralda) is considered to be one of the main symbols of Sevilla. It is the cathedral's tall bell tower.

In the time of its construction, it represented the biggest tower in the world (97.5 meters)!

The tower shows the perfect combinations of the both cultures, Muslim and Christian. As said above, the tower was constructed in the 12th century by Muslims who occupied Sevilla in the time. When Christians handed over the control above the city again, the tower has got modified and the Bells and the "Giraldillo" has added.

Giralda is open to public and its visitors can climb to the top. You cannot find better panoramic view in whole Sevilla!

It is also given by the fact that any other higher building is allowed due to a city law.

The Giralda Tower in Seville
The Giralda Tower in Seville
La Giralda
La Giralda

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