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Convent of San Leandro

The Convent of San Leandro was founded in 1369 during the reign of Pedro I. While its church was built later, in the edge of 16th and 17th century, by the architect Juan de Oviedo.
Inhabitants of the convent - nuns called Agustinas - are part of a community that was founded in 1295 and that belongs to the Order of the Augustine Hermits. These women come primarily from Andalusia.

Convent of San Leandro The church owns 2 precious altarpieces in its unique navel, both were made by the famous painter Juan Mountain Martinez. The first altarpiece represents San Juan Baptist and comes from 1621. And the second one represents San Juan Evangelista. It was painted in 1632.

The nuns of the convent are known for the preparation of delicious yolks called "yemas de San Leandro" (egg-yolk balls). The sweets started to be sold in the intention of raising money for their charity.

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