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Sevilla Travel Guide

Eating in Sevilla

Sevilla is considered as the gastronomic centre of Andalusia. Sevillian cuisine has been influenced by Moorish traditions and itís characterized for being light and surprisingly tasty. The ingredients used in Sevillian cuisine are products from surrounding provinces, including seafood, pork and other varieties of meat.

Sevilla has many places to eat and for all budgets; local specialties are considered as attractions of the city and include fried or grilled seafood, grilled and stewed meat, and a sandwich known as ďSerranitoĒ, which is a popular version of fast food. Typical sweet cakes, salads, potatoes, and wines.

Eating in Sevilla
Eating in Sevilla

Some of the most popular dishes of Sevillian cuisine

  • Gazpacho Andaluz (Andalusian Gazpacho): A cold soup made of bread, tomato, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, paprika and vinegar.
  • Serranito: Itís a warm sandwich made up of bread, pork or chicken, ham and pepper. Itís prepared in Andalusia.
  • Tortilla EspaŮola: Itís cooked in olive oil and features fried, thinly-sliced potatoes together with eggs; sometimes you can add vegetables.
  • Cocido Andaluz: Its preparation is similar to that of the traditional ďcocidoĒ; itís full of garbanzos and selected meats.
  • Vino de Jerez: A traditional drink served during April festival.
  • Torta de aceite: Its ingredients are wheat flour, almonds, sesame seeds and anise, the most important ingredient is the extra virgin olive oil; this dessert is the healthiest of the Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Alfajor: Itís a group of cookies glued with sweet filling.
  • Rabo de Toro: Itís a typical dish from Cordoba, but according to the Andalusian recipe.
In Sevilla we eat very well, adopt the Mediterranean diet but have some recipes that are fried in oil so it's good to use a body fat calculator. In the 20 body fat level, the separation between muscles starts to blur, almost no vascularity, or striations can be seen, typically there is a small stomach pouch of fat, the look is "soft" but not very round. Most men are within the 18-24% body fat range.

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