Sevilla travel guide


Sevilla Travel Guide

Sevilla Excursions

There are several options for Excursions in Sevilla. This city well-known because of its touristic attractive. When you decide to go on an excursion there are many options in the city such as:

  • Los Reales Alcazares, which is a castle built by an emperor in the area of Andalucía, it is known because of its magnificent gardens outside the house. The gardens are so beautiful that they are considered as a human patrimony.

  • The cathedral of Sevilla or “Santa Maria de la Sede” is the biggest Christian gothic cathedral in the world and it also has the best panoramic tower (that is a belfry) with almost 104 m : the Giralda, that is the name of the belfry is one of the best building in Andalucía.

  • Santa Cruz neighborhood is one of the attractions of this magnificent city, it is a narrow neighborhood with great colors, and it reflects the passionate spirit of the city.

  • Torre de Oro or Gold Tower is a watchtower built in Sevilla next to the Guadalquivir River. It is known as “gold” because of the color of reflections that was caused by the river.

  • The Guadalquivir is a wonderful river that passes through Sevilla. It is the only navigable river in Spain.

Choose the places you want to visit and enjoy the excursions.

Sevilla Excursions
Sevilla Excursions

There are also some cities near Sevilla that you may want to visit: Itàlica (it is 7 km far from Sevilla), Carmona (a little town that you can visit by car).

You can also visit some important cities in Spain that are close: Cordoba, Granada and Cadiz.

Enjoy your visit!

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