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Festivals in Sevilla

Festivals in Sevilla are celebrated with passion; people have a great organization for every festival and listings of events in magazines and city guides in order to make everyone participate.

The largest celebrations in Sevilla

  • Semana Santa

    This festival endures across time since 14th century; the celebration lasts 7 days of Easter (from Palm Sunday to Good Friday) and it includes processions of brotherhoods and religious images followed by carnival-style floats; people from all over the country travel to Sevilla to witness this religious celebration.

  • Feria de Abril

    This festival was created in 19th century. People work for several months in order to prepare their casetas (canvas tent pavilions), inside the tents, people prepare drinks, tapas and live entertainment for their guests.

  • Corpus Christi

    Its one of the most important festivals for religious people in Sevilla, this tradition has also influenced other countries.

Festivals Sevilla
Festivals Sevilla

Other celebrations in Sevilla




1st January

New Year's Day

Año Nuevo

5th January



19th March

St. Joseph's Day

Dia de San José

Late March or early April

Maundy Thursday

Jueves Santo

Late March or early April

Good Friday

Viernes Santo

1st May

Labour Day

Fiesta del Trabajo

15th August

Feast of the Assumption

La Asunción

12th October

National Day

Nacional de España

1st November

All Saints' Day

Todos los Santos

6th December

Constitution Day

Dia de la Constitución

8th December

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

La Inmaculada Concepción

24th December

Christmas Eve

Vispera de Navidad

25th December

Christmas Day


We recommend you confirm the dates and places with the Tourist office of Sevilla:
Address: Calle de Arjona, 28
Phone: + 34 954 22 17 14

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