Sevilla travel guide


Sevilla Travel Guide

Getting Around Sevilla

Transportation in Sevilla is amazing, as all transportation systems are well-connected and buses are very frequent. If you are taking a bus get a bus card, green ones work for 10 single trips and cost around 5 Euros, while red ones work for 10 trips and cost around 6 Euros but red cards allow transfers. You can also get Bonobus cards for 1.50 Euros and top them up when you run out of credit.

You can get a 5-euro week-pass for a bike, and simply pick it up at a station and drop it off at another station. The first half-hour is free and the rate per each extra hour is 1 Euro. If you get a year-pass for 10 Euros you still get free half-hour rides and extra hours are only 50 cents.

For scooter lovers there are weekly rates of 120 Euros and daily rates of 30 Euros, the upside of scooters in the city is that they are faster than bikes and a driver´s license will not be required. You can also get the tram System which is currently expanding. If you are taking a taxi beware of drivers that simply try to charge too much to tourists.

The metro in Sevilla is relatively new, connecting different areas in the city; you can get your ticket for around 1.50 Euro, and if you expect to travel much you can get a three-trip ticket for around 4.5 Euros. Service starts at 6:30 in the morning and stops at 11:00 at night.

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