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Hippodrome of Andalucia

"El Gran Hipdromo de Andaluca" is located in the municipality of Dos Hermanas, which is located in the metropolitan area of Sevilla. It was build to encourage the interest in the region as a sport center and a touristic place, the hippodrome facilities were also built to bring social and economic benefits to Dos Hermanas. It is also the biggest in Spain.

The creation of this magnificent building supposed a big increment in the business movement of the region and it is such a respectable building that it merges with the environment perfectly. Because of the construction of the hippodrome the surrounding areas have seen an important increment of investments, almost all of them referred to the equestrian world and some of them to the service sector.

Hippodrome of Sevilla
Hippodrome of Sevilla

The area that occupies the hippodrome is almost 155 ha; it comprehends several tracks such as: Gallop in grass, Gallop in sand, trot and obstacles. It also has two kinds of boxes: passing boxes and staying boxes. The tribunes, paddock, parking lot, the entertainment and the complementary complete 155 ha of area and make El Gran Hipodromo de Santa Lucia the biggest one in Spain.

Although the hippodrome hosts wonderful races, other equestrian disciplines are practiced here such us: taming, braking-in, harness, the raid, the complete contest, and jumps. The Hippodrome is such an amazing building that stands magnificent among others and shines by itself.

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