Sevilla travel guide


Sevilla Travel Guide

How to get to Sevilla

Sevilla By Plane

Getting to Sevilla by airplane is an easy option, as the airport is located only 25 minutes away from the centre by car. If you are in a budget just grab the “Especial Aeropuerto” service which departs every half-an-hour from outside the arrival hall. It is around 2.50 Euros.

If you are up to a taxi you will find several ones outside the airport, next to the bus stop, and the usual fare is 18 Euros, or less, during daytime, and 21 Euros, or less, at nighttime (after 10pm). Make sure the fare is fixed before boarding as there are reports of taxi drivers that overcharge tourists for the service.

In case you are heading some other direction than the center, do not forget to set a fare before taking the taxi.

Sevilla By Train

If you are getting to Sevilla by train you will arrive at the Sevilla Santa Justa Station, located east from the centre. High-speed trains are the best to get to nearby destinations but they are definitely more expensive than regular trains that can be very cheap.

Sevilla By Bus

It is possible to rent a car to get to Sevilla, and it can actually be a good option to get there, but to drive in Sevilla may not be as convenient. You can take a bus to get to Sevilla as buses are very comfortable and very punctual.

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