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San Bartolom?, Pilatos, La Alfalfa

San Bartolome
During the eleventh century, plenty of Jewish people lived in Sevilla. The economic situation of Sevilla improved dramatically in that time thanks to the commercial activity of this people. Nowadays, we can find the Jewish legacy in many neighborhoods in the entire Spain.

There is a special neighborhood in Sevilla called San Bartolome that is a perfect example of the Jewish legacy. The neighborhood is also known as La Juderia, because it was the old Jewish quarter of the city in the eleven century and it is located among the Puerta de la Carne, the Puerta de Carmona and San Jos Street.

Even though this place doesnt have historical monuments and spectacular buildings, the city has a great charm. Visitors can spend hours walking around the singular narrow streets and green atmosphere. In fact, San Bartolome Neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful.

The most important landmarks of the zone are the main square, the convent of the Mercedarias, the Convent of the Salesas, the principal Church of Bartolome and the Plaza of the Mercedarias.

The levies Street is very popular in San Bartolome, because a number of flamenco music shows take place on weekends in many clubs of the area.

Pilatos House

San Bartolom, Pilatos, La Alfalfa The Pilatos house is one of the most representative buildings in Sevilla for its stunning design that combines Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar styles. It was built between the XV century and the XVI century approximately. Local people believe that the house is a replica of the original house of the roman governor of Judea, Pilate. The Pilatos house possesses plenty of Roman antiquities, paintings, and sculptures from various eras.

La Alfalfa

The Alfalfa neighborhood is one of the oldest in Sevilla. Tourists can find many Hercules statues in the entire neighborhood. The place is a pedestrian area with beautiful squares such as the Alfalfa square and the Plaza de Jesus of the Passion that is located in the heart of Sevilla. The Alfalfa square is quite popular because foreign and local people can enjoy the most delicious Tapas and drink beers in pleasant restaurants.

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