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Sevilla Travel Guide

Santa Cruz and the Cathedral

Santa Cruz District
Santa Cruz is one of the most important cities and tourist destinations in Sevilla. This Spanish district is really famous for its interesting features such as picturesque houses, singular narrow streets, beautiful old gardens and historical churches.

Santa Cruz The district is bordered by the Real Alcazar, Santa Maria Street, Murillo Gardens and the Mateo Gago Street. Murillo´s Garden served as an inspiration for many Sevillian painters and now it is considered as Historical garden in the district of Santa Cruz.

The Real Alcazar possesses an interesting tourist attraction called the Patio de las Banderas. Inside the Patio de las Banderas, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Cathedral and Giralda.

Historically, Santa Cruz was a Jewish district and the Crown protected them in the middle Ages. However at the end of the fourteenth century, plenty of Christians occupied the area.

Furthermore, the Romans also left their cultural legacy; visitors can find plenty of roman Monoliths in the area. Supposedly, the monoliths were part of the sacred sanctuary of the divine Diana.

Tourists can also visit the water Alley (Callejón del Agua) and the Plaza Alfaro next to Alcazar Gardens. Another highlight in the district is the Plaza Santa Cruz. This especial square is quite respected in town, because one of the most important painters in Spain: Bartolome Esteban Murillo was born in this place.

The Cathedral

The cathedral in Sevilla is one of the most beautiful buildings in Spain and the third largest in the world. This spectacular landmark was built just over a century, between 1402 and 1507 approximately. The local congregation supported the construction by giving their salaries in order to pay the builders and architects. In 1987, the cathedral was considered as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

The total area of the Cathedral covers 11,530 square meters and the central nave possesses 42 meters. The decoration of the cathedral is quite beautiful with a perfect combination between simplicity and luxury. In fact, the cathedral of Sevilla has the same splendor as Saint Paul´s cathedral in London and Saint Peter's cathedral in Rome.

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