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Seville (Sevilla in spanish) is a spectacular city located southeast of Spain, capital of the Andalusia Region. This Spanish city is considered as one of the most important historical centers in Europe. It is famous around the world for its typical Flamenco dancers and all its historical monuments such as The Minaret of la Giralda, the principal cathedral and the Alcazar Palace.

Even though Sevilla possesses one of the strongest summers in the Mediterranean area, the geography of this Spanish city is an interesting one in the entire Spain. The city is located on the banks of the beautiful Guadalquivir River (23 ft) above sea level. The visitors can find amazing landscapes and spectacular sceneries with olive trees and cereal fields. In addition, the north of Sevilla can be described as a rural paradise with wooded hills.

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Sevilla Map

Sevilla Map

Sevilla Map

Sevilla Map

The population was about 704,205 inhabitants as reported by the city census of 2010 (INE) and the population density of the city is 4,951.9/ km2 (12, 830.4 / sq mi). In fact Sevilla is the fourth largest city in Spain.

In 1990, the population in Sevilla decreased drastically due to both the emigration and the internal migration of many young couples to other cities around the region. As a result, the population is very old. Nevertheless, the immigration of many foreigners is massive; many Argentineans, Ecuadorians, Americans, French and Moroccans live in Sevilla nowadays.

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