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Archive of the Indies (Archivo de Indias)

The “Archive of the Indies” (Archivo de Indias in spanish) is located close to the Cathedral. This important monument was built between 1583 and 1646 and was designed by the architect Juan de Herrera. It was originally a Stock Exchange (Lonja), and then it became a place where the records about Spanish voyages to the New World were kept. The important records includes Columbus’ journal.

Archive of the Indies The construction received the name of “Casa Lonja”, because it was a place where merchants would meet before their daily meetings at “Los Naranjos” courtyard (beside the Cathedral). Sometimes, when weather was bad they would meet in the Cathedral. The bishop didn’t agree with this, because he considered the Cathedral as a place for worship to God exclusively, which is why King Felipe II ordered the construction of a building close to the Cathedral for merchants.

This building also houses, since 1785, important information about the discovery of the new World by Columbus. It holds around 4 million antique documents, including the letters that Queen Isabella and Columbus exchanged. In order to keep these valuable documents from disintegrating, these are locked in air-conditioned storages. To examine some of them, a special permission is required.

There are also fantastic maps and books that show the discovery and development of North America. The documents contain information on social, political and religious history of the lands discovered in America. Of course, there are researchers who spend time in the place. People who love history shouldn't miss the visit to this fantastic place.

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