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Sevilla House of Pilatos

This marvelous historic residence, located next to the Plaza de Pilatos, was built during the first half of the 16th century. Its construction was finished by the first Marquis of Tarifa, after his return from a tour (1518-1520) in Europe and the Holy Land (Jerusalem-Israel). He was impressed by the Italian Renaissance architecture and decided to incorporate this style into traditional themes used in Spain, such as the Moorish one.

Sevilla House of Pilatos The name Pilatos House in Sevilla refers to Pilates, because, some say this construction was a copy of a ruined palace that Marquis of Tarifa saw in the Holy Land, which supposedly belonged to Pilates. Others say, it is because the Holy Week Procession started from this place ending in Cruz del Campo, such as Jesus Christ left Pilates house to go to Golgotha.

This fantastic building has a Renaissance doorway, made by Antonio Mara Aprile in 1529. Once inside and after crossing the hall, one can see its splendorous central courtyard and a beautiful fountain in the middle. Magnificent statues, an Athens can be seen together with a collection of classic sculptures and other attractions. Visitors will surely take plenty of time to roam this place. Apart from the history and beautifulness of the place, it also houses an enormous archive of historical importance for the city.

It is for sure visitors have many reason to visit this glamorous place.

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