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Sevilla Travel Guide

Sevilla town council

The construction of this glamorous place, where the Municipal council was established, began in 1527. Diego de Riaño was the architect in charge of making the plans of this magnificent building located in Plaza Nueva. The Sevilla town council has a renaissance style and it can be considered as one of the most extraordinary monuments of Spain, in its style. In the following lines we will describe a little of this amazing place that surprises visitors.

Sevilla town council The facade of the building at the Plaza San Francisco shows beautiful doors and windows decorated with mythological and historical celebrities’ medallions. The arc connects the Plaza San Francisco with the Plaza Nueva. At both sides of the arc, there are two great statues, one of Hércules (a Phoenician navigator, later considered as a mythological god, to whom the foundation of Sevilla is attributed). The other one is Julio César (who restored and fortified the city) statue.

Inside the building, there are awesome places that attract visitors’ attention. Some of them are the “Sala Capitular”; with a roof formed by a vault almost flat showing some Spain king portraits before king Felipe II. The stairs which have a gothic and renaissance style attract visitors as well. People who love art can be delighted by the old paintings, sculptures and other artistic treasures inside this building.

It is for sure that going to this place will be a great experience, so if you are thinking to go to Sevilla, a visit to this place has to be in your list.

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