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Museum of Carriages

The museum of Carriages is located in the Cuban Square in the old convent of “Los Remedios” in the neighborhood of the same name. This chapel was given to the Discalced Carmelites in 1573. The church and the convent were built in 1632. The convent was dedicated to “The Remedios Virgin”.

The Carriage Museum was created in 1999. It presents different types of cars and the Evolution that they have suffered over the time. It shows a detailed collection of hunting cars, irrigation cars, sports cars, luxury cars, trip cars among others.

The museum is divided into four topics. At the entrance, there are three cars normally used for work in the field. The second room is dedicated to more luxurious cars often used in the city, for traveling or leisure. In the third room, the space is occupied by sport and hunting cars, as well as a collection of harnesses and spears to hook cars. The fourth room is more dedicated to horse carriages.

The museum has also educational contents such as audiovisual material that narrates the history of the carriages and other aspects of it. It is also home of “The Real Club de Enganches de Andalucía”, inside of it we can see a great selection of all the types of carriages pulled by horses.

Museum of Carriages
Museum of Carriages
Carriages at the Museum of Carriages
Carriages at the Museum of Carriages

Among the most valuable carriages that can be seen, highlight because its age and value, we have the luxurious vehicle of the Blessed Sacrament Brotherhood that was in the Alcazar stables in the past.

The types of carriages that are shown in the museum are:
  • Milord
  • Faeton
  • Tilbury
  • Dog Cart
  • Buggy
  • Bus

Types of Horse carriages:
  • Limonera ( one horse)
  • Tandem (one horse)
  • Tronco ( two or more horses)
  • Tresillo ( four horses)
  • Cuarta ( four horses)
  • Media Potencia ( five horses)
  • Cinco a lo largo ( five horses)

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