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Nightlife in Sevilla

Spain is famous for its intense nightlife atmosphere, and Sevilla is definitely not the exception to the rule. Sevillans love meeting outside and drinking, what they call “botellon”. Usual meeting points are Plaza San Salvador, from where people continue the drinking at the bars located in Plaza Alfalfa, and Guadalquivir River, from where people cross the river and get to the bars and discos located there.

Party starts late in the city, locals usually hit bars after 11:00pm, sometimes midnight. It is common to start the night with a shot or a wine with orange juice. If you want to try something really local, drink some Agua de Sevilla, which is very tasty.

Sevilla nightlife is a good opportunity to enjoy the city and at the same time a great opportunity to work. If you're looking for night work in the city, you should submit a cover letter with your resume for pubs, bars and entertainment areas. It is important to include a photo for this type of work and know how to dress appropriately.

Nightlife Sevilla
Sevilla Nightlife
Nightlife Sevilla
City view at night

The night ends at the discos in the city, as they do not close until the morning, sometimes not until 10 in the morning.

There are a lot of Bohemians in the city, mostly students, and so they ensure streets and bars will always have the right vibe. Do not worry if you are not up to cultural evening experiences, there will always be a nightlife spot waiting for you. Gay scene is vibrant is this city.

The Feria de Abril, which takes place in April, is a crazy one, and people party 24 hours for six days in a row.

Below a listing of bar and discos by district:

Downtown (Centro):
  • Antiguedades
  • Bar Hijos de E. Morales
  • Flaherty's
  • La Bodeguita Antigua and Los Soportales
  • Merchant's Malt House
  • Pub Taifa
  • Texas Lone Star Saloon (Tex Mex Bar)
  • The Trinity
Santa Catalina:
  • El Perro Andaluz
  • El Rinconcillo
  • El Tremendo
  • La Cara B
  • Los Claveles
  • Bar Jota:
  • Cerveceria Europa
  • Azucar de Cuba
  • Cervecería Internaciónal
  • German Beer place
  • La Fábrica
  • Nu Yor
  • Taberna Flamenca
  • The Clan Scottish Bar
  • Cabo Loco Bar
  • Catedral
  • La Rebotica
  • Sopa de Ganso
Santa Cruz:
  • El Tamboril
  • La Carboneria
  • Boss
  • Casa Anselma
  • Fundicion
  • La Madrugá
  • La Taberna
  • Lo Nuestro
  • Simpecao
  • Tertulia Flamenca
  • Cafe Hercules
  • Cafe Naima
  • La Buena Estrella
  • La Ilustre Victima
San Juan de Palma:
  • La Plazoleta
Isla de la Cartuja:
  • Antique
Los Remedios:
  • Babilonia
  • El Rejoneo
  • Lola de los Reyes
  • Pub Madigan's
  • Weekend House Club
Sevilla Este:
  • Notre Dame
  • O'Neill's, The Irish Pub
El Porvenir:
  • Kennedey's Irish Pub
Santa Cruz:
  • La Carboneria
  • Jazz Corner

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