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Jos? Celestino Mutis Park

Considered as an urban park, Jose Celestino Mutis Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Sevilla. This park was named in honor of Jose Celestino Mutis, who was a priest, botanic and mathematician that led the Royal Botanical Expedition in the new kingdom of Granada, the expedition included by Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

Jos Celestino Mutis ParkThis park covers an area of 45.000 m2, a place people can see a wide variety of plants from all five continents and that amazes visitors.

Some of the most common plats are:
  • Mediterranean plants: carob, bougainvillea, feathery coconuts, jambolero
  • Tropical plants: dwarf palm, Asian cycad and sabal.
  • Subtropical Plants: greensward, cypress, yucca, catalpa.
  • Continental Plants: weeping willow, magnolia, eleagnáceos, Jupiter trees.
An important feature of this park is that it is the only one built through the hard work of locals. Nowadays, there is an association called Friends of the gardens, which is responsible for the protection of the park.

You can reach the park through lines 2, 31 and 32.

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