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Miraflores Park

Miraflores Park presents a combination of the urban and rustic styles of Sevilla; it has over 90 ha.; its located in the north part of Sevilla. This park was inaugurated in 1987. It is the largest green area in Sevilla so it has a great environmental significance for its people, this area has a historical importance, because there are two large gardens since Roman times; it is bordered by the Atlantic Park and the Barriada de los Arcos.

Miraflores Park This park has the only natural lake of the urban area of Sevilla; it has a large variety of plants, flowers and trees. Besides being a green area, it has a skate park and many picnic zones. There is a square in the middle of this park, where many events take place across the year. Locals organize some programs to teach environmental education to children and general public; they enjoy preserving their natural heritage for future generations.

The fast growth of urban areas made this park be forgotten by locals a few years ago; however, it is currently a symbol of struggle for environmental recovery in Sevilla. Taxpayers support this park, neighbors are always alert for any possible damage, and they have rigid rules for those who harm their park.

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