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Principes Park

The Principes Park is located in the western district of Los Remedios. This park is a natural place where Sevillas families meet to enjoy a quiet and pleasant time. It was inaugurated in 1973; it was named in honor of prince of Asturias Juan Carlos and thre princess Sofia.

Principes Park This park covers an area of approximately 100.000 m2, where one can find a wide variety of plants such as Bitter orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Lemon Tinged, Moorish Orange, Calamondins, Orange Thorn, Nagami, Kumquat, Tipuanas, Jacaranda, Negundo Maple, Himalayan Cedar, etc.

This park is basically divided into three areas, which are:
  • The rose garden, where one can find many ways in circular shapes surrounded by a variety of roses.
  • The pound, composed by a small lake, with many kinds of birds such as ducks, and a small island in the middle.
  • Children's Playground.
  • Glorieta de Viena, this is a beautiful place in the park, which was inaugurated in 1992 to celebrate the friendship between Sevilla and Vienna.
How to get to Los Principes Park?
You need to take the following bus lines 6, 41, 42, C1 y C2.

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