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San Jeronimo Park

The San Jeronimo Park is located in the north part of Sevilla, near the district of San Jeronimo; it is one of the most beautiful Parks in the area; the “Monasterio de San Jeronimo de Buena Vista” is near the park, this is the reason why this park received its name. The origin of the park is due to the nurseries that were located in this place to supply plants to the Universal Exhibition of 1992.

San Jeronimo Park This park covers an area of 148.677 m2, where one can find a great diversity of plants and trees such as: pines, willows, fresnos, elms, reeds, tamarisks, cypress, grevilleas, etc. Its main attraction is the amazing monument called “Monumento a Cristobal Colon” (monument to Christopher Columbus) also known as “Nacimiento Del Hombre Nuevo” (Birth of the new man); this monument was designed by Zurab Tsereteli.

The San Jeronimo Park has a main pathway from the entrance to the monument, where one can find many places to spend a good time, there are also a Children's Playground and some sport fields to practice football as well as picnic zones.

How to get to San Jeronimo Park?
Bus lines: 10 and B1.

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