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Sevilla Travel Guide

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Sevilla is known as the “City of Festivals” and the “City of Flamenco”, it is the capital of Andalucía. It is one of the most wonderful cities in Spain. It has a romantic and beautiful aura; Sevilla has inspired many artists and musicians, because it has always been a city to sing about. It is one of the sunniest cities and the fourth-largest city of Spain; it never seems to be in a hurry, its people are known to be very friendly and easy-going. Locals enjoy gathering at bars with their relatives and friends to drink or to eat “tapas”.

Sevilla is loaded with monuments, cathedrals and beautiful landscapes; however, other important parts of the culture are its hole-in-the-wall tapas bars overflowing with boisterous patrons, unmistakable sounds of flamenco and fragrant orange trees. Most buildings have a Moorish style, they offer a fantastic view. Moors occupied Andalusia for 80 years so Sevillian culture is a combination of Spanish and Moorish traditions.

It's easy to rhapsodize many things in Sevilla, it has a vast history and culture and its people, music and cuisine are delightful. Sevilla is popular for: its cathedral, El Alcazar, the colorful neighborhood called Barrio de Santa Cruz and its spring festival. The following are photos of the most fantastic places, moments and landscapes in Sevilla that rank among the best attractions one has ever seen.

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