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Plaza del Museo (Museum Square)

The Museum Square (La plaza del museo) is located in the Old Town district of Sevilla. The Museum of Fine Arts, which opens its principal fašade on the sidewalk west of the plaza, has given a name to the square.

Plaza del museo - Museum square The square was established in the year 1846 occupying a part of the land of the Convent of Casa Grande de la Merced that was demolished in 1840.

The municipal architect Balbino Marron put his traces on a lounge square, with gardens and a central round that presides over the memorial to Murillo - a work done by the sculptor Sabino de Medina in1864.

Initially, the place of the present square was called Plaza, Promenade or Gardens of La Merced, and Promenade, Alley and Plaza del Museo. In the early twentieth century, the square was given the name "Plaza del Conde de Casa Galindo". Finally, it got its current name in 1931.

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