Sevilla travel guide


Sevilla Travel Guide

Public Transport in Sevilla

Public transportation in the city is amazing, especially when it comes to public bus services. This service is known as the Autobus Urbano and it is run by Tussam Company, getting through almost all main streets in the city. You can check their website for further information on destinations at

Getting a bonobus card is the best, because you can get 10 rides for only 5 Euros, while you would pay 1.10 Euros for each ride one way if paying on the bus directly. You can also get passes for a full day, three days and a month. Most kiosks sell these bonobus cards, you can also get them at many stores and hotels.

Prado de San Sebastian, and Plaza de Armas are the two main bus stations in the city, the former heading south and the later heading north.

Autobus urbano in Sevilla
Autobus urbano in Sevilla
The Metro in Sevilla
The Metro in Sevilla


The first Metro line in Sevilla, opened in 2009, is fairly limited as it is very recent. The closest metro stop is located at Puerta Jerez, which is only 10 minutes away (walking distance) from CLIC.

A single, one-way ticket costs 1.30 Euro, this ticket has no jumps between metro zones, for a ticket with one jump you have to pay 1.55 Euro, and for a ticket with two jumps you have to pay 3.50 Euros. If you are looking for a round-trip ticket the cost will depend on the number of jumps and if you are looking for an all-day pass you have to pay 4.50 Euros, the costs for round-trip tickets depending on the number of jumps are:

  • Zero Jumps: 2.60 Euros.
  • One Jump: 3.10 Euros.
  • Two Jumps: 3.50 Euros.
To get a refillable metro card is also a good idea, though it is not much cheaper than getting a standard ticket. The rates are:
  • Zero Jumps: 0.80 Euro.
  • One Jump: 1.15 Euro.
  • Two Jumps: 1.35 Euro.
Metros run from Monday to Thursday since 6:30 am and the service stops at 11:00pm, Fridays from 6:30am until 2 in the morning, and Saturday from 7:30am until 2 in the morning. The service on Sunday starts at 7:30am and stops at 11:00pm.

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