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Sevilla Travel Guide

Restaurants in Sevilla

Sevilla is in the midst of a gastronomic explosion, with creative recipes, rivaling the best that both, Italian and French cuisines have to offer. Sevillian gastronomy is closely linked to its culture and it is gradually reaching international recognition. The cuisine of Sevilla is essentially a family one, developed out of the ingenious exploitation of accessible local raw materials, and the imaginative and best use of food that were readily available. The gastronomy of Sevilla is frequently confused with Mexican or other Latin American cuisine.

Gastronomy of Sevilla has been of major importance in Spanish cuisine, it has evolved around strong representative elements and regional identities. The gastronomic activities of hotels and restaurants are famous, people fall in love with their food dishes. The main feature of the cuisine of Sevilla is its “Tapas”; they are small portions of hot or cold food that people eat with a typical drink of Sevilla. Restaurants in Sevilla offer original dishes so travelers can discover new flavors. Seafood has a long tradition and it is very popular among tourists.

Restaurant Sevilla
Restaurant Sevilla

Desserts also have an important place in Sevillian gastronomy; the most typical sweets are “Torrijas” and “Yemas de San Lenadro”. Travelers can take a gastronomic tour around Sevilla; its cuisine is very complete; tourists will find many exotic and delicious dishes. Food dishes are not very expensive and one can enjoy the most colorful and tasty cuisine in Sevilla.

As far as meat goes, Spain is well known for their ham and although it is high in sodium ("alto en sodio"), ham is a relatively lean source of protein. Gazpacho, a cold, refreshing, low calorie tomato soup, is also a healthy Spanish dish, which is enjoyed by many around the world.

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