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Sevilla Travel Guide

Sports in Sevilla

Sevilla is a sports city; it offers lots of opportunities to practice a variety of sports without having to travel out of the city. Some of the most popular practiced sports are: Football, basketball, golf, bullfighting, cycling, fitness, equestrian sports, water sports (such as: sailing, windsurfing and canoeing), skiing, and more. The mean BMI of athletes of Seville is BMI 20, which contrasts with the Spanish average of almost 27. Therefore it is highly recommended to exercise at least three times a week. You will look good inside and feel good on the outside.

Sport Sevilla The most popular sport in Sevilla is Football and people in Sevilla have more than one reason to love it: they have two teams in first division (Real Betis Balompie and Sevilla Futbol Club); and matches are played from September to May on Sunday afternoons, all people gather in the stadium Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan (Sevilla Futbol Club) or in the stadium de Benito Villamarin (Real Betis Balompie) to see live matches or watch them in clubs, restaurants, or other places to see the matches on television.

Sevilla has a long history of soccer and positive influences from other countries; the oldest and most prominent football club is the FC Sevilla, it has a large local and international fan base. Some say that The Real Beltis Balompie was a shadow of the successful FC Sevilla, but due to its own success and fan base it had developed to become one of the largest teams in Sevilla football.

Sport Sevilla Bullfighting is another prominent activity in Sevilla; the season of this sport is from Easter to October and Sevilla, as other cities in Andalusia, has its own bullring, Maestranza, itís located on Paseo de Colon 12, and holds some of the most important bullfights in Spain, which are covered by TV and newspapers generally on Sunday. The Corridas are the mayor bullfights youíll see in Sevilla, those feature the most experienced matadors and the Novilladas are for novice bullfighters.

Golf in Sevilla is a popular sport, the city boasts some of the first-rate golf courses of Spain, including the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla, which was designed by one of the most famous Spanish players, Jose Maria Olazabal. If you want something different, Water Sports are a good choice because those are available at many resorts generally during summer months.

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