Sevilla travel guide


Sevilla Travel Guide

When to go to Sevilla

Visiting a city during the perfect season in order to enjoy the trip properly has always been difficult for many people. In this fashion, foreigners need to investigate the city a little bit before to book a flight ticket.

Sevilla is considered as one of the best historic towns in Spain. According to a local legend, Seville was founded by Hercules, the mythological hero. As any other city in the Mediterranean area, Sevilla possesses a very strong, unbearable summer which may approach 45°C. However, spring time is the perfect season to visit the city.

On holidays, tourists can enjoy the day drinking beer or eating tapas in touristic restaurants located all around the city center. Another option is Plaza de la Encarnación; this place is very popular because many Flamenco Bands play live music at weekends.

when to go to Sevilla
when to go to Sevilla Spain

This charming town has also a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in plenty of festivals and cultural events. These festivals have a uniqueness and colorful parades so it is a great idea to visit Sevilla during the festival celebration.

There are plenty of singular and interesting festivals in Sevilla throughout the year. However the most important ones include the following:
  • The Carnival Parade in central Sevilla in February.
    This festival is very colorful and funny. Visitors can participate wearing typical costumes and masks.
  • Fiesta del Cristo de la expiración in March.
    This is an interesting party celebrated on the third Friday of the month.
  • Ontono Sevilla Festival (September to November)
    In this festival the music and dance are the two principal activities.
  • Fiesta del vino (October).
    Tourists can try the most delicious wines and cocktails of the area.

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